WebMaster Pressure Sensitive Labelers
Versatile • Accurate • Easy to Operate
Models available to apply front/back or neck labels to round, oval, square and rectangular containers, full wrap labels on round containers, corner wrap labels on boxes, top down or bottom up labels. Most models include conveyors, and stand-alone applicators are also available.

WebMaster 1500NR

Innovative Pressure Sensitive Labelers

In-Line Labeling, Inc. is a privately held American company and we are proud of the fact that the WebMaster line of pressure sensitive labelers are designed and manufactured in the United States utilizing American labor!

Versatile:  WebMaster labelers are available in every price range beginning at $3,200 for our least expensive Semi-Automatic Labeler capable of applying labels to round containers up to one-half gallon in size. The WebMaster 2000NR is our most expensive labeler at $45,000 and includes an integrated conveyor. The WebMaster 2000NR labeler is capable of applying front/back labels to round, rectangular and square containers and full wrap labels to round containers. Our built in versatility is enhanced by careful design which insures that each labeler will perform well under a variety of conditions and applications

:  All WebMaster labelers provide accurate labeling consistent with the price range and method of label application.

Easy to Operate Each WebMaster labeler comes with a complete Operators' Manual. Many incorporate state of the art electronic sensors, PLC's and Touch Screen Operator Interfaces for ease of operation.

OEM For Meyer World Cold Glue Labelers

In-Line Labeling Equipment also manufactures and supports a line of labeling machines known in the industry as Meyer World CM Labelers. The "CM" stands for the "continuous motion" of the bottles as they travel through the machine. The line was originally designed and manufactured beginning in the early 1960's by George J. Meyer Manufacturing. Thousands of machines were shipped around the world and many are still functioning today. Many famous label applications such as Maker's Mark Whiskey, Jack Daniels and Kraft Foods are done on a CM Labeler

Versatile • Accurate • Easy to Operate

In-Line Labeling Equipment, Inc. has a WebMaster Labeler capable of satisfying your needs.
If you have special requirements or an unusual application we are willing to work
closely with you to make design modifications to meet your requirements.
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