WebMaster Pressure Sensitive Labelers
Versatile • Accurate • Easy to Operate
Models available to apply front/back labels to round, oval, square and rectangular containers, full wrap labels on round containers, corner wrap labels on boxes, top down or bottom up labels. Most models include conveyors. Free standing labelers also available.

WebMaster 1500NR

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The WebMaster 1500NR is designed to apply front and back labels to non-round and round bottles at speeds up to 180 bpm with excellent label placement accuracy. With the inclusion of our Wrap Station Assembly the WebMaster 1500NR can apply single full wrap labels to round bottles.

Conveyor speed and label application are controlled through the use of state-of-the-art PLC motion controls and stepper motors. A Touchscreen operator interface insures ease of operation and convenience.

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The WebMaster 1500NR has been designed for ease of use and consumer convenience. As an example, our top belt assembly utilizes commercially available belts to ensure ready availability in the event of failure through wear.


Versatile • Accurate • Easy to Operate  

If you have a special requirements or an unusual application we are able to make design modifications that will meet your requirements.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards. 

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