Cold-Glue Labelers
Manufactures and supports a line of economical cold-glue labelers
for labeling bottles and cans at speeds from 20-400 bpm.
Container handling and label-handling ensure consistent, accurate label application in a production environment. Our labelers are designed for ease of use and quick change over.

Meyer World Super CM-21

The World Super CM-21 Labeler, designed for line speeds from 120 to 320 bpm, incorporates many of the proven features of the Compact series, with the advantage of increased line speed. The Super CM-21 will apply any combination of front, back, shoulder or wrap neck-labels on a container ranging from one ounce to one gallon. Intricate or unusual label designs can easily be accommodated in a fully automatic fashion. The unique combination of positive container control and continuous motion assures a smooth flow of containers through the machine with a precise label registration.

Labels and adhesive are easily added while the labeler is in operation. The time tested principle of adhesive application built into the Super CM-21 guarantees overall label gluing. Safety devices prevent damage to the machine in the event of fallen or jammed containers. An optional twin feed screw infeed system is available for non-round containers.


Precise registration of labels to within 1/16".

Multiple label applications in one operation. Handles
paper, foil or metallized labels.

Fully automatic labeling. Glue and labels can be added
while the machine is running.

Glue pattern covers entire surface of label, thickness is
fully adjustable.

Quick changeover between packages in 30 to 45
minutes. No special tools required.

Machine includes no bottle/no label control. If no bottle
is present no label is picked from the basket.

Automatic two speed control modulates labeler speed
up or down depending on supply of containers to
machine. Speeds can be adjusted based on your line

Automatic centralized lubrication system has built-in
timers to preset lubrication of all major wear points on
the machine.


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