Cold-Glue Labelers
Manufactures and supports a line of economical cold-glue labelers
for labeling bottles and cans at speeds from 20-400 bpm.
Container handling and label-handling ensure consistent, accurate label application in a production environment. Our labelers are designed for ease of use and quick change over.


Meyer World CM-7

The World Compact CM-7 Labeler, designed for moderate line speeds up to 85 bpm, has found wide acceptance in food and beverage applications. It is completely automatic and can handle any range of labeling requirements from one ounce to six liters in glass or plastic.

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Meyer World CM-14

The World Compact CM-14 Labeler incorporates the proven features of the Compact CM-7 with the advantage of an increased line speed. It is ideal for the manufacturer whose line speed requirements are from 40 bpm to 150 bpm. It is completely automatic and can handle containers from one ounce to one gallon in plastic or glass.

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Meyer World CM-21

The World Super CM-21 Labeler, designed for line speeds from 120 to 320 bpm, incorporates many of the proven features of the Compact series, with the advantage of increased line speed. The Super CM-21 will apply any combination of front, back, shoulder or wrap neck-labels on a container ranging from one ounce to one gallon.

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Meyer World CM-28 1/2

The World Super CM-28-1/2" Labeler is a high speed straight line labeling machine engineered for top productivity. With line speeds from 180 BPM to 480 BPM, the World Super CM-28-1/2" incorporates the latest engineering developments designed to give fast, dependable, economic performance.

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