WebMaster Pressure Sensitive Labelers
Versatile • Accurate • Easy to Operate
Models available to apply front/back labels to round, oval, square and rectangular containers, full wrap labels on round containers, corner wrap labels on boxes, top down or bottom up labels. Most models include conveyors. Free standing labelers also available.


WebMaster Duro 4.5
Tamp/Blow Labeler


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Our WebMaster Duro 4.5 can be modified to include our Tamp/Blow Option creating a labeler that is capable of placing labels into recessed panels or when direct contact with the product cannot be achieved or is not desirable due to specific product characteristics. Occasionally, tamp application may be required to properly apply labels when the speed of the product is inconsistent resulting in poor label application.

WebMaster Duro 4.5 Tamp/Blow Labeler

Versatile:  With the Tamp Option, Labels are dispensed onto a custom vacuum pad and held in place. When the PLC signals the presence of a product the pneumatic cylinder extends, tamping the label onto the product. The cylinder then retracts and a new label is fed onto the vacuum pad in preparation for the next cycle. With the Tamp Option, the WebMaster Duro 4.5 Tamp/Blow with applicator arm extendedlabel can be applied from above, below or from the side since the label is held securely in place by the vacuum.

With the Tamp/Blow Option, the label is also dispensed onto a vacuum pad. However, the pneumatic cylinder is restricted from actually coming into contact with the product. As the pneumatic cylinder reaches the end of its' travel a burst of air "blows" the label onto the product. This type of application is useful where direct contact with the product is not desirable or feasible of the label position is in an area that is hard to reach.

Accurate:  With a completely adjustable vacuum and air pressure, the Duro 4.5 Tamp/Blow Labeler is capable of label application to delicate products that may be damaged with other types of labelers.

Easy to OperateThe Duro 4.5 Tamp/Blow Labeler is a fully automatic label applicator capable of applying labels to a variety of products. Products to be labeled are sensed as they pass a photo eye. The photo eye initiates a signal that is transmitted to the PLC. After a fully adjustable delay, the label is dispensed onto vacuum pad and then the label is applied to the passing product.

WebMaster Duro 4.5 Tamp/Blow Labeler Control PanelControls consist of a Main Power Switch, a Web Feed Adjustment which controls the speed that the label is dispensed, and a Touch Screen Operator Interface which provides information and access to the Label Delay, Label Gap Delay, Batch Count and more.


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Versatile • Accurate • Easy to Operate

If you have special requirements or an unusual application we are able to make design modifications that will meet your requirements.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards.                                        Give us a call today!

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