WebMaster Pressure Sensitive Labelers
Versatile • Accurate • Easy to Operate
Models available to apply front/back labels to round, oval, square and rectangular containers, full wrap labels on round containers, corner wrap labels on boxes, top down or bottom up labels. Most models include conveyors. Free standing labelers also available.

WebMaster Duro 4.5
Top Down Labeler

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Our WebMaster Duro 4.5 can be modified to include our Top Down Option creating a labeler that is capable of applying labels from the top down onto a horizontal surface, from the side, from below onto the bottom of a container, both, or even all three!

WebMaster Duro 4.5 TopDown Labeler

Versatile:  With the Top Down Pressure Sensitive Labeler, application can be made from a variety of different positions.  Conveyors for these applications are specified based on the product being labeled.  This selection of a belt, chain, or banded conveyor is usually dictated by the characteristics of the product.  A major factor is always product control as it passes through the labeling machine.  Characteristics such as weight and physical properties must be considered.  Bottom up applications usually require two conveyors placed end to end allowing the labels to be applied as the product transitions from one conveyor to another.

Accurate:  A Stepper Motor option is available when extremely accurate label placement is critical.  Encoders may also be included to accurately read the product location on the conveyor further enhancing label placement.

Easy to OperateThe Duro 4.5 Top Down Pressure Sensitive Labeler is a fully automatic label applicator capable of applying labels to a variety of products. Products to be labeled are sensed as they pass a photo eye. The photo eye initiates a signal that is transmitted to the PLC. After a fully adjustable delay, the label is dispensed onto the  product.

WebMaster Duro 4.5 Tamp/Blow Labeler Control PanelControls consist of a Main Power Switch, a Web Feed Adjustment which controls the speed that the label is dispensed, and an LCD Operator Interface which provides information and access to the Label Delay, Label Gap Delay, Batch Count and more.


Duro Standard | Duro Corner Wrap | Duro Tamp/Blow | Duro Top Down

Versatile • Accurate • Easy to Operate

If you have special requirements or an unusual application we are able to make design modifications that will meet  your requirements.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards.                                     Give us a call today!

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